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-Settlement support & integration services to new immigrants

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passionate about research involving black and other minority groups

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We provide:
• guidance on credential recognition
(Diplomas and Licenses)
• assistance with finding schools for your children
• guidance on education and career options
• help in finding housing and childcare services &
• connect you to relevant community resources

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Settlement Services

About Us

Black-led organizations across Canada are doing outstanding work in their communities. Our principal goal at Melanyn [Black pigment] Alliance is to unify black-led organizations in Canada under a unique umbrella with the goal of showcasing, promoting, and enhancing partnership among the different organization.

We are also conduct research on issues affecting the black community  and invisible minority groups, and provide advisory services, mentorship, training, skill development programs  as well as settlement support and integration services to new immigrants.

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Training and evaluation

We take pride in our training activities. Let our team of consultants and experts assist your organization with Impact measurement and evaluation, Capacity building, Strategic management, Financial literacy and transition to a social enterprise business model.


Research on issues related to black communities and other racialized groups continues ranks among our topmost priority. Our researchers are ready to assist you with all your research needs.
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Prevalence and correlates of anxiety symptoms among Black people in Canada: A significant role for everyday racial discrimination and racial microaggressions

This study sought to establish the frequency of clinically significant anxiety symptoms among a sample of Black people living in Canada as well as examine the association with two forms of racism (racial discrimination and racial microaggressions).
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Is Trust Enough? Anti-Black Racism and the Perception of Black Vaccine "Hesitancy"

In this article Yolanda Wilson argues that implicit in these questions is a pathologizing of Black people-the idea that there is something wrong with Black people rather than something wrong with the conditions within which Black people exist. The sense that there is something wrong with Black people both further disadvantages them ....
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Psychological Distress among Black Immigrants by Region of Birth

The authors noted that. Black Africans are about 54-58% less likely to be in severe distressed compared to U.S.-born Black Americans. Black immigrants from racially mixed and majority-Black contexts (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America, and Africa) are significantly less likely to be afflicted with moderate and severe distress than U.S.-born Black Americans.
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Funding news

Call for proposal - Black-Led Philanthropic Endowment Fund

The Black-led Philanthropic Endowment Fund seeks to create a sustainable source of funding for Black-led, Black-focused and Black-serving non-profit organizations and registered charities. Through it, the Government of Canada will provide 1 national Black-led ..........
Deadline to apply is November 25, 2022

BlackFoodEnergy Restaurant Grant

DoorDash is partnering with Black Opportunity Fund to provide #BlackFoodEnergy grants of $10,000 to Canadian Black-Owned Restaurants who are focused on innovation within the food industry. This is an extension of the DoorDash Entrepreneurship & Access Program, which offers additional support .....
Deadline to apply is October 28, 2022

Foundation For black communities (FFBC) - Investment Readiness Program

FFBC with 4 other organizations will deliver funding for the Investment Readiness Program (IRP). With the support of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), FFBC will direct $1.5 million of IRP funding towards the entrepreneurship and innovation thriving in Black communities, ........ Deadline to apply is December 1, 2022