Research Themes

  • Visible minority research

  • Social economy and innovation

  • Public Health and the use of AI tools

Dying to Learn: A Scoping Review of Breast and Cervical Cancer Studies Focusing on Black Canadian Women

“….. Women from sub-Saharan Africa appear to have lower cervical and breast cancer screening rates; those of Caribbean/Latin American origin appear to have screening rates comparable to the general population; no studies reported prevalence or mortality rates for Black Canadian women. Conclusion. There is a paucity of health research on breast and cervical cancer specific to Black Canadian women”. Click here to learn more.

On the Black-White Disparity in Prostate Cancer Mortality

“…In the National Cancer Database, Black men with high-grade, localized disease treated with radical prostatectomy have a 51% higher mortality compared with White men. Adjusting for education, median household income, and insurance status, the disparities decreased to 30%. Adjusting for nonclinical factors and comorbidities, the disparity was reduced to 19%….”  Click here to learn more.

Framing Black Infant and Maternal Mortality

J Law Med Ethics. 2022;50(1):85-91.

This article looks to the past to consider how government officials, health professionals, and legal authorities have historically framed racial disparities in birth and the lasting impact these explanations have had on Black birthing experiences and outcomes.

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The Black experience: The entanglement among African American males and law enforcement

“….The findings of this study contribute to the extant literature regarding Black males and the many forms of trauma that are experienced by this marginalized subgroup. Moreover, the rich narratives provided by the participants provide a window into the adversarial relationship between Black males and law enforcement”.

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Black Men’s Minds: expression and mental health

“In 2013, visual artist, filmmaker, and psychotherapist Stephen Rudder was wrestling with negative portrayals of Black people in the media. “All the stories that I heard at the time were either violent or sexualised”, he says. “There’s just something about Black men that I was trying to work out for myself anyway,……. When I did the research, I was kind of shocked.”

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2022 Black History Month Theme: Black Health and Wellness throughout the African Diaspora

“The Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved is happy to join in the celebration of Black History Month 2022 with its theme of Black Health and Wellness throughout the African Diaspora. In this Note, Virginia Brennan highlights papers from the current issue fitting this theme”.

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Black Lives and Black Research Matter: How our Collective Emotions Continue to Drive a Movement

“The author discusses (1) how the collective emotional experience of the Black community has propelled two parallel movements, Black Lives Matter and Black Research Matters, (2) the state of developmental science as it pertains to Black youth, and (3) suggestions for future research to integrate across fields and to evolve beyond Black pain to incorporate Black joy”.  Click here to learn more.

Black Resilience: A Strategic Asset for Engaging Heterosexual Black Canadian Men in Community Responses to HIV

“Black people’s disproportionate burden of HIV in Canada has raised questions about whether they are sufficiently resilient to HIV, and how to promote resilience. In this paper, we critically examine the issue of resilience among heterosexual Black men in four large Canadian cities (Ottawa, Toronto, London, and Windsor)…………” Click here to learn more.

Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake among Black Populations: A Systematic Review of Strategies

“Given the growing body of evidence on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among Black populations, the aim of this systematic review was to identify the interventions and strategies used to improve COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake among Black populations globally……Overall, this systematic review revealed that consideration of, ……..” Click here to learn more.